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At Seminole Marine Electronics, our chief focus is the installation of new marine electronics, but we also offer a wide range of other services.

We can design a new system, refresh your switch panels or dash, or install pretty much any other new component. We pride ourselves on only using marine-grade wiring and premium quality materials.

All of our installations are conducted in a way that ensures simple maintenance in the future. For example, we label fuse blocks, wires, etc. effectively.

If you’re interested in a service that’s not listed below, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and professional team at Seminole Marine & Electronics and we’ll be happy to help.

Software upgrades, troubleshooting, and testing

Marine electronics are complicated. We can locate and rectify difficult issues, ensuring you’re getting the most from your electronics while you’re out on the water. We can also ensure your electrical system is installed in the correct manner to ensure the safety of you and your vessel.

From Lowrance and Garmin to Hummingbird, we install all major brands

You’ll be pleased to know that we’re familiar with all of the major brands and have experience with their products here at Seminole Marine Electronics. This includes Active Target, Panoptics, MEGA live and 360, down image, side image, depth finders, and more.

We’re also experienced in ethernet marine hubs and networks, so we can provide efficient marine electronic software updates.

Speakers, Amplifiers, Stereo Systems, and Lighting

Add some cool and helpful features to your boat. From amps and marine stereo systems to underwater lights and LED light bars, we can talk you through all of the different options we have available. You can depend on us to do an efficient job.

Trolling motor installation, anchor repair, trailer maintenance, and more

Not only can we add lighting to pretty much any boat trailer at Seminole Marine Electronics but we can repair and maintain your trailer. We can assist with light assemblies and lighting harnesses.

We’re also here to repair or replace your trolling motor, as needed, and we can install your favorite shallow water anchor.

Installing and upgrading marine electronics

We can install all of the follow components at Seminole Marine Electronics, and more:

Charging Relays


Battery Chargers


Switch Panels


Fuse blocks




Breaker Panels


VHF Radios




New Chartplotters

We also offer electronic diagnosis, complete rewiring, and repair. No matter your needs, we can install your marine electronics system in a safe and accurate manner.

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To find out more about any of our services, please feel free to get in touch, we will be more than happy to assist with your enquiry.